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Shaw L\rilversltu JjuLietiri 

Volume XXII 

October, 1952 

Number 2 



Published six times the year in the months, February, March, May, July, October and November 

Entered as second-class matter January 25, 1932, at the Post Office at Raleigh, North Carolina, 

under act of August 2b, 1912. 

Dr. Richard Copeland Jacocks of Belhaven, North Carolina, and a 
graduate of the Shaw University, Leonard School of Medicine in 1902, 
received his Golden Anniversity Award from President W. R. Strassner 
at the commencement exercises of May 26, 1952. Dr. Jacocks is retiring 
from active practice at the age of 78. He has been very active in religious 
and civic affairs of Belhaven. He is president of the Belhaven Credit 
Union, and secretary of the Belhaven Real Estate Company. He holds 
the position of auditor in the Roanoke Missionary Baptist Association. 


November 21, 1952 

Founder — 1865 

Program for the celebration of the 87th Anniversary of Shaiv Uni- 
versity, University Church, Friday, November 21, 1952. 

10:00 a.m. — Memorial Services at Founder's Grave 

11:00 a.m. — Founder's Day Program 

Address by Attorney Daniel W. Perkins 
Jacksonville, Florida 

1:00 p.m. — Meeting, Executive Committee of the Alumni Association 

Shaw University Bulletin 

Attorney Daniel W. Perkins of 
Jacksonville, Florida will deliver 
the annual address in observance 
of the 87th anniversary of Shaw 
University. Attorney Perkins is 
a Shaw University graduate in 
the class of 1902 with the L.L.B. 
degree. In 1951 the University 
conferred upon him the degree 
of Doctor of Laws. 

Mr. Henry Blackmon Jr., of 
Washington, D. C, is an instructor 
in the department of Music at 
Shaw University. Mr. Blackmon, a 
former student of Shaw received 
the Mus. B. degree at Howard Uni- 
versity. He sang with the Howard 
University Choir for four years, 
and served as soloist at the Asbury 
Methodist Church Choir for four 
years. His concert experience in- 
cludes appearances in Washington, 
D. C, England, Belgium, and 
Raleigh, North Carolina. He has 
made three successful appearances 
on the Ted Yates Amateur hour 
program in New York, and was 
recently heard and seen on this 
television program. 


Mrs. Alethia Lightner Lewis, a native of Winnsboro, South Carolina, 
and a graduate of Shaw University in the class of 1912, has recently 
published a book "A True Fairy Tale", which relates, in a unique 
manner the life of Dr. George Washington Carver. You will enjoy 
reading this book. 

Mrs. Lewis received her M.S. degree at State A. and M. College at 
Orangeburg, South Carolina in 1949, and is the mother of one son and 
one daughter. The son is a teacher at Florence, South Carolina, and 
the daughter is an instructor at Atlanta University. Her husband, 
W. C. Lewis is a retired faculty member from South Carolina State. 
Mrs. Lewis is at present living at Orangeburg, South Carolina. 

Mrs. B. Helen Dobbins Dobbs of Cleveland, Ohio, and a Shaw 
University graduate of 1922, has won rewarding recognition as a 
writer of poetry. She credits all of her success and inspiration for 
the hundreds of poems to her participation in contests beginning 
when she won her first prize for a true story written while she was 
a student at Shaw University. Since that time she has seen her work 
in print 18 different times. Her most recent accomplishment has been 
the setting to music of two of her poems. Her poems appear in many 
anthologies, best known among them are the lyre ''Life" and "Some- 
thing Beautiful" which appear in American Voices of 1945, "Men In 
A Shell" and "Aviation" appear in the 1944 compilation of the same 
book and the 1936 volume carries "Free", a ballard of America's 

Her two lyrics "Sing A Song Of Rainbows" and "Don't Worry About 
It" have been recorded by the Snyder Record Company. 

6 Shaw University Bulletin 

angie brooks to be the only woman lawyer in africa 

Angie E. Brooks of Monrovia, Liberia, Africa, and a graduate of 
Shaw University in 1949 has recently received a law degree and also 
the M.A. degree in political science from the University of Wisconsin. 

Angie Brooks came to this country through the interest of Mr. and 
Mrs. J. B. Jordan of Ridgeway, North Carolina, who because of her 
splendid record in Liberia, offered her a college scholarship at Shaw 
University. This scholarship was supplemented by some work on the 
part of the student. She completed her college work in less than three 
years and left one of the best student records in recent years. 

She is now taking a post graduate course in London England, and 
when this is completed, she will take up her official duties as the only 
woman lawyer in Liberia. 

The Reverend W. A. Pittard, a native of Mecklinsburg County, 
Virginia, and a graduate of the 1896 class of Shaw University, has 
served as the State Statistician and Historian of the West Virginia 
Baptist State Convention for 28 years. 

Reverend Pittard began his teaching career in Wakefield, North 
Carolina where he became the founder of the school in that community. 
He was married there to Miss Aurelia Foster. He joined the A. F. 
and A. M. Masonic lodge, and is still an active member of that 

In 1907 he established his residence in West Virginia, and in 
addition to his teaching profession, he assumed the pastorate of two 
churches, connected himself with the Baptist Convention, and the 
Flat Top Association. Six churches have been founded and erected 
under his guidance. 

Shaw University Bulletin 7 

An unusual story of the accomplishments of an alumnus of Shaw 
University has just reached our attention. A recent issue of the Golds- 
boro News Argus tells about the Choir For Negro Mental Patients, 
which was organized by the Reverend J. S. Brown of Goldsboro, who 
is Chaplain at the State Hospital for the Colored Insane. The Reverend 
Mr. Brown is a graduate of Shaw University in the class of 1937. 

Realizing the importance of music in the llife of the Negro, he has 
used the choir and a glee club as a medium through which the patients 
may express themselves. This effort has proved most rewarding as 
eight of the choir members have gone home, and others are back on 
the road to recovery. This group of forty-two voices not only furnishes 
music for the regular services, but the members choose their own 
selections, serve as ushers, singers, and appear on programs to pray or 
speak. It is interesting to note that, in an audience of around 700 
patients, the service remains quiet and reverent. The pianist for the 
chorus is also a patient, who was an advanced music student prior 
to her commitment to the hospital. 

Shaw University is proud to bring to the attention of the alumni 
and friends, this worthy achievement of the Reverend Mr. Brown. 

Miss Annette F. Somerville, a 
staff member of the Norfolk Journ- 
al and Guide for fourteen and one 
half years, is a graduate of the 
normal department of Shaw Uni- 
versity in the class of 1922. Miss 
Somerville is at present conducting 
a weekly column in the paper, 
"Social Chat in Portsmouth", 
which has to do with the social 
activities in that city. She is choir 
directress at the St. John Baptist 
Church in Portsmouth where she 
has served three choirs a total of 
twentv six vears. 

Shaw University Bulletin 

Mrs. Helen M. Pollock, a gradu- 
ate of the summer school session 
of 1949, is a loyal contributor to 
the Shaw University Alumni Asso- 
ciation. She is doing well as man- 
ager of the Poplar Street Grocery 
Store in Jacksonville, North Caro- 
lina, and says that her business is 
increasing steadily due to the ex- 
pansion of Camp Lejeune. 


The following new persons have joined the faculty at Shaw Univer- 
sity for the 1952-53 school year : 

Dr. Malcolm D. Williams, professor of Elementary Education and 
psychology. Dr. Williams received his B.S- degree from Hampton 
Institute, and the Master's and Doctorate degrees from Columbia 
University. He has had experience as teacher and principal in the 
public schools of Dublin County, Wilson, and Raleigh, N. C, and for 
the past three years as supervisor of schools in Wilson, N. C. He is 
also a specialist in audio-visual aids and will develop a center for 
training in this field at Shaw University. 

Dr. Marguerite Adams, University Counselor. Dr. Adams received 
the A.B. and A.M. degrees at Howard University, and the Doctorate 
degree in Vocational Guidance and Counseling, Columbia University. 
She has been an instructor in the public schools of High Point, Greens- 
boro, and Charlotte, N. C- During the past two summers she taught 
graduate courses in Vocational Education at A. and T. College, 
Greensboro; and previously at Johnson C. Smith University. Mrs. 
Adams' Doctorial dissertation entitled "Human Relations for Voca- 
tional Education Students", will be published as a text book. 

Mr. S. Stanley Morris of Louisville, Kentucky, associate professor 
of Economics. He received the A.B. degree from Morehouse College 
and the A.M. degree from Cornell University, Ithaca, New York. He 
has completed all course requirements for the Ph.D. degree in Eco- 
nomics, Harvard University, and is currently writing his dissertation. 

Shaw University Bulletin 9 

Mr- Morris has taught at Philander Smith College, Little Rock, Arkan- 
sas; Benedict College, Columbia, South Carolina, and at Kentucky 
State College, Frankfort, Kentucky. From 1943 to 1951 he was head 
of the department of Economics and Political Science at Municipal 
College, Louisville, Kentucky. 

Mr. Charles T. Standi of St. Louis, Missouri, assistant professor of 
Physical Education. Mr. Stancil received his B.S. degree from Bishop 
College, Marshall, Texas, and his M.A. degree from North Carolina 
College at Durham. He has completed all course requirements for the 
Ph.D. degree in Physical Education at Pennsylvania State College 
and is in process of completing his dissertation. Mr. Stancil served as 
instructor of Physical Education at Bishop College ; Director of Physi- 
cal Education at the Moorland Branch Y.M.GA., Dallas Texas ; Assis- 
tant Director USO Center, Waynesville, Missouri ; and as Claims 
Examiner at the Army Finance Center, St. Louis, Missouri. He is 
a member of Phi Delta Kappa and of the American Association for 
Health, Physical Education, and Recreation. 

Miss Ophelia E. Morris of Louisville, Kentucky, Instructor of 
English. Miss Morris holds the A.B. degree from Talladega College 
and the A.M. degree from Fisk University. She has taught English 
at Miles College, Birmingham, Alabama, for the past three years. She 
will substitute for Mrs. Ethlynne H. Thomas who will be away on 
leave to work in the field of speech therapy for the public schools of 
Durham, N. C. 

Mr. John H- Brown, Jr., Dean of Men. He holds the B.S. degree 
from St. Augustine's College, and the M.A. in Personnel Guidance 
from Columbia University. He is now working toward the Doctorate 
at New York University. Mr. Brown has had experience as Dean of 
Men and as teacher and principal in the public schools of North 
Carolina. From 1947 to 1952 he was principal of the Spaulding High 
School, Nash County. 

Mr. Frank White of Elizabeth City, N. C, Instructor in History 
and Government. Mr. White received his B. S. degree at Hampton 
Institute; M.A., from New York University. He matriculated for 
the Ph.D- degree at New York University; and has also studied at 
the University of Pennsylvania. He has taught at the Cooper High 
School, Sunbury; Bishop College; Texas College, and Jackson College. 

Mrs. Harveleigh White, Reidsville, N. G, Instructor in Home 
Economics. Mrs. White was graduated from Shaw University in 1945 
with the BS. degree is Home Economics. Her field of specialization 
is clothing and textiles in which she has done work for the Master's 
degree at North Carolina College at Durham and at Columbia 

Mr. Henry Blackmon, Jr., Washington, D. G, Instructor in Voice 
and Music Education. He is a former student of Shaw University and 
received his Mus.B. degree from Howard University. His excellent 
baritone voice is already winning fame for him as a concert solosist. 

Miss Gaybella Barnes Harris, Garner, N. G, Dietitian's Assistant 
B. S. Bennett College. She has done further study at Cornell University. 

10 Shaw University Bulletin 

She was formerly a teacher of Home Economics and Dietitian at Mary 
Potter High School. 

Miss Marion Hilda Davis, Castalia, N. C-, Secretary to the Dean of 
The College. B. S. in Commerce, North Carolina College, Durham. 

Miss Alice Clay Luton, Powellsville, N. C, dormitory hostess. Miss 
Luton received her B.S. degree from Shaw University. She taught 
in the C. G. White High School in Powellsville for five years. 

Miss Elva Gertrude Reaves, of Baltimore, Maryland, Instructor of 
Health and Physical Education. Miss Reaves received the B.S. degree 
from Claflin University; M.S., at the University of Pennsylvania, and 
has done further study on the Ph.D. degree at the University of 

Mrs. Geraldine Brown of Raleigh, North Carolina, Secretary in the 
Division of Education. Mrs. Brown received the B.S. degree at A. and 
T. College (Commercial Education). She has studied further at Vir- 
ginia State College and New York University. Her teaching experience 
includes Kittrell College, and Spaulding High School. She has served 
as Secretary to the Business Manager and Director of the Norfolk 
Division, Virginia State College; and Secretary in the Registrar's 
and Treasurer's office at A. and T. College. 

Mrs. Mary Green Stancil of St- Louis, Missouri, Library Assistant. 
Mrs. Green attended college at North Carolina Colllege at Durham, and 
Pennsylvania State Colllege. She has also served as a member of the 

Faculty and Staff Members Who are Alumni 
of Shaw University 

William Alonzo Bingham, Mathematics; Caswell M. Carter, Mathe- 
matics, and assistant to Business Manager; Miss Wilmoth Carter, 
Social Science; The Reverend G. E. Cheek, Alumni Secretary; The 
Reverend Grady Davis, School of Religion; Mrs. Caesarea D. Debnam, 
Education; Carl E. DeVane, Social Sciences-History; Mrs. Marcella 
Ford, Religious Education; Mrs. Beulah Williams Gallwey, English; 
Miss Carrie L. Harrison, Dean of Women — Home Economics; Mrs. 
H. Elnora Kee, Cashier, Business Office; Thomas E. Kee, French — 
German; Miss Alice Clay Luton, Dormitory Hostess; James E. Lytle, 
Physical Education; Miss Beatrice R. Martin, Registrar's Assistant; 
Miss Margaret G. McLean, Assistant Librarian; Miss Fannie J. 
McNair, Dietitian; Mrs. Mamie E. Paisley, Dormitory Hostess; Mrs. 
Eva F. Ray, Registrar (On Leave) ; Mrs. Velmon E. Virgo, Sociology — 
Geography; Miss Madelyn E. Watson, English; Mrs. Martha W. 
Wheeler, Acting Registrar; Mrs. Harveleigh R. White, Home Eco- 
nomics; and Mrs. Rosalia B. Williams, Spanish. 

Shaw University Bulletin 11 


A more than capacity audience of Shaw University students and 
faculty were present at the formal opening exercises of the University's 
87th Academic session, which were held Wednesday morning, Septem- 
ber 24th at 11:00 o'clock in Greenleaf Auditorium. The principal 
address was delivered by Dr. Marguerite S. Frierson, professor of 
education, Fayetteville State Teachers College, Fayetteville, a former 
instructor at Shaw. A native of Augusta, Georgia, Dr. Frierson, 
received the A.B. degree from Shaw University; the B. Ed. degree 
at the University of Cincinnati; the Ed.M. at Boston University; and 
the Ph.D. at Ohio State University. She is also a member of the 
Pi Lamda Theta Honor Society- 

Dr. Frierson, speaking on the subject "Re-thinking Our Values", 
said that the American college student has come to be known as a 
light hearted individual, whose immaturity and adolescence continue 
throughout college. "The college has nutured and protected the student 
to the extent that it is the general opinion that we should protect 
the college student." She called attention to the lack of concern in 
students for serious world political problems, in contrast with the 
attitude of foreign students. "Values", she said that need consideration 
are: (1) Prize the right to engage in independent thinking. Be able 
to suspend judgment. (2) The right to make choices. Get a balance 
in what things are important things. (3) Get a sense of integrity, 
which will be shown in the attitudes that we take in our jobs and 
community problems. "Problems of 1952 place heavy demands on this 
generation of students to re-think their values." 

In conclusion, she pointed out that many Shaw men and women have 
distinguished themselves in life, and said, "We welcome you to join us 
in re-thinking values, and to come out with answers as to how you 
can best serve as men and women close to God to go out to make a 
better world." 

Members of the faculty and staff of the University were introduced 
to the students by President W. R. Strassner, who brought greetings 
prior to the address. The Rev. Moses N. DeLaney, assistant professor of 
Religion at Shaw, gave the invocation. Special platform guests were 
the Rev. G. A- Fisher of St. Ambrose Episcopal Church; the Rev. H. 
Cunningham of the Manley St. Congregational Church; Mrs. Ellen 
Alston, Executive Secretary, Woman's Baptist Home and Foreign 
Missionary Convention of North Carolina; and the Rev. G. E. Cheek, 
Executive Secretary of the Shaw University Alumni Association, all 
of whom brought messages of greetings to the student body. 

Music was furnished by Harry Gil-Smythe, director of Music. 

The orientation of new students was concluded Wednesday night with 
the University Reception held in the auditorium of the West Campus. 
The rceiving line which welcomed all new and returning students, 
was headed by President and Mrs. Strassner, and included all members 
of the University faculty and staff. 

A short program on this occasion included greetings from President 

12 Shaw University Bulletin 

Strassner, and a welcome address by John Rascoe, a senior of Ossining, 
New York, President of the Student Body. The response was made by 
Josiah P. Thomas, a freshman of Roxboro. Solos were offered by 
Preston Hill, tenor, a junior of New Bern and Norman Chase, baritone, 
a junior of Paterson, New Jersey. 

Thomas E. Kee, of the Shaw University faculty, was master of 
ceremonies at the reception. 

Shaw Men In Military Service 

WITH X CORPS IN KOREA— Cassius W. Preston, 21 Spenser St., 
Martinsville, Virginia, was recently promoted to sergeant first class 
while serving with the 196th Field Artillery Battlion in Korea. 

The unit, part of the Tennessee National Guard, is on duty along 
the mountainous, rain-soaked north-central sector of the front. 

SFC Preston, who left the United States for the Far East in July 
1951, has been serving as a gunner on a 105-mm. howitzer. He entered 
the Army in March 1951 and was stationed at Camp Breckinridge, 
Kentucky with the 101st Airborne Division before coming overseas. 

Preston is a graduate of Shaw University with a Bachelor of Science 

WITH U. S. FORCES ON OKINAWA— Pvt. Ocie L. Taylor, 10161 
Baltic Ave., Atlantic City, New Jersey, is now serving on Okinawa, 
an island rapidly becoming one of the strongest U. S. military outposts 
in the Far East. 

Known as the "Gibralter of the Pacific", the island, part of the 
Ryukyus Command, is within bomber range of every important target 
area of Eastern Asia. 

A smoke generator operator in the 71st Chemical Smoke Generator 
Company, Taylor entered the Army in August, 1951 and arrived in 
the Far East in February of this year. 

He formerly attended Shaw University in Raleigh, N. C. 

LENGGRIES, GERMANY— Pvt. Warren Hare III of 649 Arch St., 
Henderson, N. C, is now assigned to the European Command Quarter- 
master School at Lenggries, Germany. 

Private Hare, supply clerk with Student Company B, arrived in 
Europe on April 1, 1952. 

Hare, who completed basic training at Fort Jackson, N. C, was a 
student at Shaw University, Raleigh, N. C, before entering the Army 
last September. 

Shaw University Bulletin 


609 S. East St., Raleigh, N. C, recently was named an instructor at 
the Eighth Army Ammunition School in Korea. 

He will teach other soldiers how to handle various types of ammuni- 
tion, how to dispose of unusable rounds and how to store explosives. 
The school is being conducted by the 65th Ordinance Ammunition Com- 

A former student of Shaw University in Raleigh, Allen entered the 
Army in December, 1950 and has been in Korea since May, 1951. 

Class Anniversary Celebrations 

Class of 1912 

Members Who Participated in the 40th Anniversary Celebration 
From left to right: Dr. C. B. Codrington, Mrs. Lethia L. Lewis, Mrs. 
Cora N. Johnson, Mrs. Mabel Highsmitii Ahmed, class leader, Dr. 
J. C. Hodges and family. 

Persons not shoivn in picture: Mrs. Marie McKenzie — for the late 
Dr. A. B. McKenzie, Mr. John Sullivan, Dr. C. G. Wooding, and Mrs. 
Willie 0. Kay. 


Shaw University Bulletin 

Class of 1922 

Members Who Participated in the 30th Anniversary Celebration 
From left to right: Dr. G. K. Butterfield, Miss Annette Somerville, and 
Dr. J. F. Cowan. 

Persons not shown in picture: Prof. W. R. Collins, Mrs. Mabel H. Davis, 
Mrs. Helen Dobbins Dobbs, and Dr. Clarence Sumner. 

Class of 1932 

Members Who Participated in the 20th Anniversary Celebration 
From left to right: Standing — Mr. Clarence Toole, Prof. J. A. Harper, 
Prof. W. S. Cooper, Prof. J. B. Woodson, and Mr. Cecil Flagg; seated — 
Mrs. Louise McClellan, Mrs. Gertrude Harris, and Miss Doris M. Bell. 

Shaw University Bulletin 


Class of 1942 


Members Who Participated in the 10th Anniversary Celebration 
From left to right: Mrs. Mildred Handy, Mayor John Handy, Rev. 
Grady Davis, Miss B. L. Griswold, Mrs. Lillie B. Scott, Mrs. Anna 
Cheek Hairston, Mrs. L. C. DeVane, and Mrs. Martha Evans Sellars. 
Persons not shown in picture: Mrs. Sarah Arlington, Mrs. Maggie 
Bryan, Mr. Caswell M. Carter, Mr. William Childs, Rev. Alonzo Coley, 
Miss Louise Hood, Miss Mattie McMurren, Mrs. Annie Neville, Mr. 
C. A. Robinson, and Mrs. Nannette A. Taylor. 

Financial Statement Through Alumni Relations 



September 15 -December Printing supplies, etc $1,550.24 

30, 1951 $7,113.30 Honorarium — 

Through President's Executive Secretary .... 1.340.23 

office 592.00 Bank Balance 326.06 

January 1 - May 30, 1952 Returned Checks 64.00 

Bank Deposits 3.627.23 

May 30- August 31 197.00 Total Expeuditures .. 3,2S0.53 

Total Receipts $11,579,53 Total amount turned over 

to Shaw University ..$6,249.00 


Shaw University Bulletin 

Contributions From Shaw University Alumni 
Since January 1, 1952 


Williams, Rev. George $ 5.00 


Sanders, Mrs. Mary W. 5.00 


Fuller, Prof. W. H 5.00 


Curtis, Mrs. Susie 30.00 

Graves, Prof. C. F 25.00 

Hargrove, Rev. N. S 5.00 

Pope, Prof. C. F 5.00 

Toole, Mrs. Hattie 5.00 


Jacocks, Dr. R. C - 5.00 

LeBoo, Dr. P. S 5.00 

Paisley, Mrs. Mamie 25.00 

Simpson, Dr. F. S 10.00 


Homer, Dr. E. L. 5.00 


Craver, Mr. Wm. C 5.00 

Martin, Dr. James L 100.00 

Turner, Dr. John P 1,000.00 

Sessions, Dr. Fred 100.00 


Bruce, Attorney J. J 5.00 

Henry, Dr. Robert 12.00 

Mills, Dr. J. N 5.00 


Lightner, Mr. C. F> 5.00 

Wilson, Dr. S. R 5.00 


Campbell, Dr. S. Spearing .. 5.00 

Tinsley, Dr. J. A 25.00 

Watson, Dr. N. M 10.00 


Logan, Mr. Eugene, Sr 5.00 


Brown, Dr. W. R. 5,00 

Cannady, Mr. W. H. 16.00 

Davis, Dr. J. B 5.00 

Hamlin, Dr. J. T 5.00 

Laws, Dr. C. H 25.00 

King, Dr. Max C 5.00 


40th Anniversary 

Ahmed, Mrs. Mable 

Highsmith 20.00 

Codrington, Dr. C. B 45.00 

Creft, Dr. H. H. 

and Mrs. Creft 10.00 

Hodges, Dr. J. C. 100.00 

Johnson, Mrs. Cora P 25.00 

Kay, Mrs. Willie Otey 15.00 

McKenzie, Mrs. Marie for the 

late Dr. A. B. McKenzie.... 40.00 

Lewis, Mrs. Altheia L. 10.00 

Sullivan, Mr. John 5.00 

Wooding, Dr. C. W 10.00 


Brown, Dr. Joe E 5.00 


Furlonge, Dr. Charles 5 5.00 

Johns, Dr. I. L. 7.00 

Underwood, Rev. R. W. 5.00 


Hill, Mr. John F — . 12.00 

Marks, Rev. J. E 5.00 

Shaw University Bulletin 



Cheek. Rev. G. E. 11.00 

Herbert, Rev. John H 5.00 

Holmes, Miss Mae D 5.00 

Staton. Rev. C. C. 25.00 


Johnson, Rev. A. B. 15.00 

Martin. Dr. W. R. 25.00 

Watson, Mr. Frank A. 5.00 


30th Anniversary 

*Butterfield, Dr. G. K. 50.00 

Collins, Prof, W. R. 5.00 

*Cowan, Dr. J. F. 50.00 

Davis, Mrs. Mabel H 5.00 

*Dobbs, Mrs. Helen 

Dobbins 6.00 

* Summer ville, Miss Annette 20.00 

Sumner, Dr. Clarence 2 5 5.00 


Turner, Mrs. Minnie D 12.00 


Jeffers, Mrs. Maude 10.00 

Thompson, Prof. W. J. 15.00 


Greene, Mr. W. L 5.00 

Lewis, Prof. D. P. 1.00 

Lytle, Mr. James E. 5.00 

Spellman, Mrs. E. M. 5.00 

Williams, Dr. William L. .. 5.00 


Cheek, Prof. N. A 100.00 

Fowler, Dr. Watson 5.00 

McClaren, Dr. E. E 5.00 


DeBerry, Mrs. D B 5.00 

Parker, Mrs. J. W. 1.00 


Dillard, Prof. N. L 5.00 

Frierson, Dr. Marguerite S. 10.00 

Melvin, Miss Selina 5.00 

Jones, Miss Beulah 10.00 


Black, M. A. 5.00 

Peace, Mr. William 5.00 

Toole, Mr. Herndon 3.00 

Turner, Miss Loris P. 5.00 


Gant, Mrs. Mary W 10.00 


Crockett, Mrs. Myrtle 1.00 

Hodge, Prof. J. M. 5.00 

Lane. Mrs. Mozelle P 10.00 

Quarles, Dr. Benjamin 5.00 


20th Anniversary 

^Cooper, Prof W. S 20.00 

Crews, Prof. Garland 2 0.00 

'* Harper, Prof. James A 25.00 

N McClellan, Mrs. Louise .... 10.00 

McMurren, Mrs. Mattie P. 5.00 

^Woodson, Prof. J. B. 10.00 

Taylor, Mrs. Nannette 

Allen 5.00 


Daniels, Mrs. Milton 5.00 

Griffin, Dr. C. E. 5.00 

Mitchell, Rev. Howard L. .. 5.00 

Thompson, Mrs. Mildred G. 5.00 

s Yokely, Mr. Clarence 5.00 


Chavis, Mrs. Mildred 2.00 

Griggs, Prof. H. K 5.00 

Kelly, Mr. D. S 5.00 

Neil, The Reverend 

Matthew 5.00 


Sherrill, The Reverend O.L. 5.00 

Vick. Dr. H 5.00 

Williams, Mr. D. A 2.50 


Shaw University Bulletin 


Alexander, Attorney 

Raymond P - 2.00 

Freeman, Dr. J. Jasper .... 5.00 

Hammonds, Mrs. Dollie D. 10.00 

Holden, Miss Clementine .. 3.00 

Larkins, Mr. J. R 7.00 


Austin, Miss Emily B 10.00 

Boddie, Lawyer R. C 5.00 

Holden, Mr. G. V 5.00 


Frazier, Mrs. Leon 5.0 

Forbes, Prof. Herman 5.00 


Johnson, Miss Eugenia Lee 5.00 

*Brown, Mrs. Vivian T 7.00 

*Hairston, Rev. Otis L 5.00 

*Johnson, Rev. Paul H 5.00 

Lewis, Mrs. Mary Mclver.. 5.00 

Westbrook, Rev. W. B 5.00 


*Bolden, Mrs. Esther C 36.00 

Cheek, Mrs. Bessie Thomas 10.00 

Simon, Miss Mildred 5.00 

Williams, Mrs. Alice M 5.00 


10th Anniversary 

Arrington, Mrs. Sarah E. .. 5.00 

Bryant, Miss Maggie J. 5.00 

♦Carter, Mr. Caswell M. 10.00 

Childs, Mr. William B 10.00 

Coley, Rev. Alonzo G. 5.00 

*Davis, Rev. Grady 10.00 

DeVane, Mrs. L. C 10.00 

*Griswold, Miss B. L. 10.00 

*Hairston, Mrs. Anna Cheek 11.00 

Handy, Mrs. Mildred H 10.00 

Handy, Mayor John 10.00 

Hood, Miss Louise 10.00 

McMurren, Miss Mattie P... 10.00 

Neville, Mrs. Annie W. 5.00 

Robinson, Mr. C. A 10.00 

* Scott, Mrs. Lillie B 10.00 


Mangrum, Miss Ruby L. .. 5.00 

Battle, Mrs. Cora A 5.00 

Bishop, Dr. P. A 5.00 

Bynum, Mrs. Julia L 5.00 

Riddick, Rev. Leon C 5.00 

Roscoe, Mrs. Esther B. .... 5.00 

McElrath, Mrs. Mildred .... 1.00 


Wimberly, Mrs. Laura P. 


Parham, Rev. E. A 





Edwards, Rev. Charles R... 

Leake, Miss Eula 

McCrimmon, Mrs. Mattie .. 
Porter, Dr. W. M 

Shecker, Mrs. Fronnie S. .. 


Daly, Mrs. Johnsie 1.00 

Fleming, Rev. Johnnie .... 5.00 

Kee, Mr. Thomas 5.00 

Mayes, Miss Nancy 12.00 

Merritt, Miss Eva L. 5.00 

Person, Mrs. Ora H 5.00 

Satterwhite, Miss June .... 5.00 

Smith, Mr. Marvin 5.00 

Staton, Rev. C. C 5.00 

Tucker, Mrs. Edith 5.00 

Zollicoffer, Miss Josephine 5.00 


Boyd, Rev. Thomas J.- 
Davis, Mrs. Annie S. ... 



Armstrong, Miss Rosella .. 1.00 

Greene, Mrs. Eleanor 20.00 

Manley, Rev. John R. 12.00 

Pollock, Miss Helen M. .... 5.00 

Watson, Miss Eula P 5.00 

Shaw University Bulletin 



Brown, Miss Christine 5.00 

Cannon, Mr. William 15.00 

Harris, Mr. James 5.00 

Hart, Rev. C. A. 5.00 

Person, Mr. Melville 5.00 

Zander, Mr. Bernis 5.00 


Arnette, Rev. James E 5.00 

Bailey, Mrs. Mary E 5.00 

Browner, Miss Virginia .... 5.00 

Hopper, Miss Evelyn 5.00 

McNeil, Rev. G. B 5.00 


*Broadie, Mrs. C. H 10.00 

*Cheek, Mrs. Willa H 6.00 

Poole, Mrs. Lucinda 5.00 

*Tyler, Mr. George A 2.00 

Durham Club 

Hart, Rev. H. H., reported 175.00 

*Proi. N. A. Cheek 100.00 

Dr. C. C. Spaulding 25.00 

High Point Club 

Armstrong, Mrs. Rozilla W. 5.0 

Forbes, Prof. Herman 5.00 

Gaylord, Dr. C. J. H. :. 5.00 

Martin, Mrs. Ora K. 5.00 

Melton, Mrs. J. E., reported 5.00 

Melton, Dr. J. E. 5.00 

Moore, Mrs. Ruby 5.00 

Williams, Mrs. Ibbie 5.00 

'Yokely, Prof. C. E 5.00 

Johnston County Club 

Sanders, Mrs. R. L., 

President, reported 62.00 

Contributions From 
Alumni Clubs, 1952 

Caswell County Club 

Name Amount 

^Bolden, Mrs. E. C. 36.00 

Graves, Mr. Joseph R 5.00 

Graves, Mrs. Joylette — 5.00 

Nelson, Mr. Prady 5.00 

Wiley, Miss Mary 5.00 

Dunn Club 

Tucker, Mrs. Edith, 
Secretary, reported 


Duplin County Club 

Branch, Miss Lena Mae .... 10.00 

Brewington, Mrs. Addie .... 5.00 

Dobbins, Mr. C. W 10.00 

Hall Miss Lillie B. 10.00 

Johnson, Miss Jessie M 5.00 

Johnson, Mr. W. R., 

President 10.00 

Moore, Miss Mary L 10.00 

Royal, Mrs. Hattie 10.00 

Ware, Mrs 10.00 

Norfolk Club 

Freeman, Dr. J. Jasper .... 5.0 

Griffin, Dr. C. E 5.00 

Hood, Miss Louise 10.00 

Somerville, Miss Arnetta .. 2 0.00 

Sumner. Dr. Clarence 225.00 

Oxford Club 

The following was reported by 

Mrs. M. W. Gant: 

Atkins, Rev. G. A 1.00 

*Brooks, Rev. T. H 1.00 

Broadie, Mrs. C. H. 10.00 

Cannady, Mr. W. H. 16.00 

Chavis, Mrs. Willia L 5.00 

*Gant, Mrs. Mary Wimberly 10.00 

Little john, Mr. Edward .... 5.00 

Mayes, Miss Nancy 12.25 

Miller, Miss Irene 5.00 

Poole, Mrs. Lucinda 5.00 

Ransom. Dr. E. T 2.00 

Sims, Mrs. Martha S 10.00 

Tyler, Mr. George A. 2.00 

Umstead, Rev. Hampton .. 1.0 
Reported by Mrs. W. L. 

Chavis 100.00 

Smith, Rev. Frank 10.00 


Shaw University Bulletin 

Raleigh Club 

*Brown, Mrs. Vivian T 7.00 

*Cheek, Rev. G. EJ 11.00 

*Cheek, Mrs. Bessie Thomas 10.00 

*Carter, Mr. Caswell 10.00 

Coley, Rev. A. G 5.00 

Crockett, Mrs. Myrtle 1.00 

*Davis, Rev. Grady 10.00 

*Frazier, Mrs. Leon 5.00 

Griswold, Miss B. L 15.00 

*Greene, Mr. W. L 5.00 

*Hairston, Mrs. Anna C 11.00 

*Hairston, Rev. Otis L 5.00 

*Handy, Major John 10.00 

*Handy, Mrs. Mildred 10.00 

♦Johnson, Rev. P. H 5.00 

*Johnson, Rev. A. B 15.00 

*Larkin, Mr. John R 7.00 

*Lytle, Mr. James E. 5.00 

*Lightner, Mr. C. E. 5.00 

*McClellan, Mrs. Louise 10.00 

*Robinson, Mr. C. A 10.00 

*Scott, Mrs. Lillie B 10.00 

*Sherrill, Rev. O. L._ 5.00 

*Toole, Mr. R. H., President 3.00 

Roanoke District Club 

Blackwell, Mrs. C. T 6.00 

Cheek, Mrs. Willia H 6.00 

Lewis, Prof. D. P. 1.00 

Matthews, Mrs. A. C 12.00 

McDaniel, Mrs. Uzella 5.00 

Murphey, Mrs. Mary J. 12.00 

Smith, Mrs. Iowa J 1.00 

Wiley, Rev. J. W 6.00 

Wiley, Mrs. J. W., 

reported for club 6.00 

Williams, Mrs. Alice M 6.00 

Winslow, Mrs. Thelma 1.00 

St. Louis Club 

Aldrich, Dr. J. T. 30.00 

Ashby, Mrs. Goldie Scruggs 15.00 

Dorsey, Dr. J. S. 25.00 

Gregg, Dr. E, J 2 5.00 

Jacques, Dr. J. S. 30.00 

Moore, Dr. S. E. 25.00 

Morgan, Mrs. Susie Williams 15.00 

Sherard, Mrs. Esther 10.00 

Williams, Mrs. Carolyn .... 2 5.00 

Wilkerson, Dr. J. W 50.00 

Williams, Dr. T. J 15.00 

Philadelphia Club 

* Ahmed, Mrs. Mabel H. 20.00 

Alexander, Attorney 

Raymond P. 2.00 

Childs, William V. 10.00 

Henry, Dr. Robert W. 12.00 

Martin, Dr. James L 100.00 

*Turner, Dr. John P 1000.00 

Fayetteville Club 

Birdsell, Miss 5.00 

Black, H. A. 6.00 

Fowler, Mrs. I. B 5.00 

Frierson, Miss Margaret .. 10.00 

Holden, Miss Clementine.. 3.00 

Jones, Miss Beulah 10.00 

Kelly, Mr. D. S 5.00 

Melvin, Miss Selina 5.00 

Moore, Dr. H. Vick 5.00 

Parker, Mr. J. W 1.00 

Thompson, Mrs. M. E 5.00 

Turner, Miss Lois 5.00 

Williams, Mr. D. A 2.50 

Williams, Mrs. Mae R. 2.50 

Fowler, Dr. Watson 5.00 

Winston-Salem Club 

Alexander, Miss Virginia .. 1.00 

Brown, Prof. Thomas J 5.00 

Clybarn, Mr. 1.00 

McClennon, Mr. L. C 1.00 

Glenn, Mrs. O'Neil S 1.00 

Gilmore, Mr. J. C 1.00 

Huntley, Rev. J. E 1.00 

Hunter, Rev 1.00 

Hill, Mr. G. — 2.00 

Johns, Dr. I. L. 7.00 

Lash, Mr. D. L. 1.00 

Lewis, Mr. Eddie 1.00 

Lewis, Mr. John 5.00 

Parker, Prof. Charles J 1.00 

Penn, Mr. Jack 1.00 

Phillips, Mr. Roy 1.00 

Powell, Miss Sevy 1.00 

Ray, Dr. A. H 1.00 

Sellers, Mrs. Evelyn 1.00 

Staplef'ote, Mr. H. E. 1.00 

Shaw University Bulletin 


Contributions From Unidentified 

Brown, Mrs. Mary E 5.0 

Cheek, Miss Betty 5.00 

Dillard, Mrs. M. J 43.00 

Coins, Mrs. Narcissus 5.0 

Griffith, Rev. S. N 5.0 

Hawkins, Mrs. Fannie P. .. 2.00 

Hunt, Mr. Lewis IS. 00 

Mords. Mrs. Florence 5.00 

Pugh, Mrs. D. A. W 3.00 

Reynolds, Mrs. Addie C 1.00 

Speigh, Dr. W. B. 5.00 

NOTE — If there are any mistakes 
or omissions, kindly let us know 
and we will he glad to make cor- 

* Denotes double credit. 


Shaw University Bulletin 

Deceased List of the Shaw University Alumni 
Family Since January 1, 1952 

Badham, Mrs. Fannie B. 
117 Church St. 
Edenton, N. C. 

Bynum, The Reverend Thomas L. 
77 George St. 
New Bern, N. C. 

Hatcher, Dr. B. N. 
1225 Pennsylvania Ave. 
Baltimore, Md. 

McEachin, Dr. Ivan B. 
Newport News, Va. 

McGriff, Dr. John L. 
Portsmouth, Va. 

Morrisey, Reverend A. A. 
749 S. Blount St. 
Raleigh, N. C. 

Patillo, Mr. W. H. 
Tarboro, N. C. 

Roberts, Dr. P. F. 
405 Oberlin Rd. 
Raleigh, N. C. 

Spaulding, Dr. C. C. 
614 Dupree St. 
Durham, N. C. 

Stevens, Mrs. Alma L. Littlejohn 

Statesville, N. C. 

Thomas, Mrs. Cora A. Pair. 

Monrovia, West Africa 

Trice, Dr. I. Ezra 
618 Fayetteville St. 
Durham, N. C. 

Watson, Dr. James S. 
New York, N. Y. 

If you know of others, kindly send names and addresses to the office 
of the National Alumni Association Shaw University, Raleigh, N. C. 

Shaw University Bulletin 


Pictured, left to right are W. R. Collins of Smithfield, president of the 
National Alumni Association, who received the $500 athletic scholar- 
ship from the New York Club; Mrs. Alice Williams of Littleton, who 
was named "Miss Alumni", Dr. Max King of Franklinton, chairman of 
the executive committee of the National Alumni Association, who 
presented the honors to "Miss Alumni" and her attendant; Mrs. 
Augusta H. Gray of Raleigh; The Rev. G. E. Cheek, executive secre- 
tary of the Alumni Association; Leslie Furlonge, promotional director 
of the New York Shaw Club; Mrs. Evelyn Davis, president of the 
New York Club, who presented the $500 athletic scholarship to Mr. 
Collins; DR. WILLIAM R. STRASSNER, president of Shaw Uni- 
versity, who delivered the honors to the queen; Miss Diana Dunn of 
Kinston, attendant; Miss Shirley V. Shannon ("Miss Shaw Univer- 
sity") of Elizabeth City; Miss Gloria Kershaw of Summit, New 
Jersey; and Thomas Dunn of Kinston, president of the student body.